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Stucco forms when Portland cement materials, sand and water that are mixed together to create a plaster. It is very versatile and there are many types of Stucco that are formed out of varying raw materials.Stucco is a commonly used substance that is applied to the exterior or interior surface of buildings.In fact, due to its low cost and durability it has become a favoured material for many construction projects.It provides a durable finish and can be used in various types of climates.Can be applied to concrete, brick or steel or wood framestucco is a low-maintenance finish. This is one of the reasons homeowners love itI. It is one of the most desirable external home coverings because it not only protects your home for many years but it is aesthetically appealing too.

With a partial application of stucco, a home’s exterior can be moulded in a variety of architectural and design styles, echoing classic and traditional architecture, implementing elements of high style and elegance.

By blending it with existing architectural design and applying unique design elements such as arches, accent sills, window sills and stonework in addition to pure plaster, we can create custom and intricate designs just like you imagine.

Stone siding and stone veneer siding are defined as types of decorative and often protective coverings the exterior and interior walls of the home. Most faux stone siding starts with lightweight concrete, though some is made with clay. To the mix is added polymers for strength and weatherproof wear as well as pigments to give the finished product the desired appearance. Some stone veneer is painted rather than pigmented. Other faux stone products are made out of dense polyurethane

Creates the look of natural beauty on any exteriorOffers a rich range of profiles and colors to suit every needRequires little maintenance. Installs easier and faster than real stone.Can be recycled.